One highlight of the Rustic Lore Days weekend includes the Queen's Pageant and the crowning of new Glenwood City royalty that will represent our small-town community for the upcoming year.


Do you know the origin of our Glenwood City royalty?  If not, you've come to the right place to find out.  The first Glenwood City royal court was crowned in 1970 at the Glenwood City Snowmobile Derby.  This royal court consisted of Queen Lynette (Berenschot) Schaefer, First Princess Susan (Rasmussen) Mattison and Second Princess Rita (Mitch) Asher.  In 1979, Janelle (Cress) Frieburg was crowed at the Snowmobile Derby and following a short reign, crowned her successor, Ann (Draxler) Kaiser, in September of 1979. This 1979 celebration would also crown the first annual Rustic Lore Days, which would continue every weekend following the Labor Day weekend in September and still does to this day.  

Glenwood City royalty are crowned during the Glenwood City Rustic Lore Days celebration weekend, which is the weekend following Labor Day.  Historically, the royal court is comprised of three royal members -- Miss Glenwood City and two princesses.  After a new court is crowned, they will spend the next year traveling to surrounding communities, representing Glenwood City at parades, pageants, coronations and teas.  The Glenwood City royalty will participate in local events as well, such as holiday celebrations, grand openings and other community events.  

"Being on royalty is not about the crown or the title, it is about being a role model for young girls and giving other towns the best impression of Glenwood City.  We are a team, a family -- whose job is to give back to our community and inspire young women and little girls to strive for their goals and dreams.  This opportunity is a reminder that the highest title does not mean you are the best, but it  means that your job is to be the best leader you can be and to inspire others to do the same." -- Isabella Nadeau, Miss Glenwood City 2013-2014

This year's 2021 Rustic Lore Days Queen's Pageant and Coronation will be held on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at 7:00pm in the Glenwood City High School gymnasium.

Any questions regarding the Queen's Pageant or Coronation, please contact Carrie Klatt at 715-781-1327 // klattphoto@gmail.com or Mary Lieffring at 715-781-8124 // lieffring68@gmail.com.  Thank you!

2020-2021 Glenwood City Royalty -- (L-R): Princess Natasha Lagerstrom and Miss Glenwood City Haley Klasse.  This royal court will crown their successors at the 2021 Glenwood City Rustic Lore Days Queen's Pageant and Coronation on Saturday, September 11, 2021.  Photography credit: Jacob Maes Photography.