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Have you ever wondered what "rustic lore" means?  Or why the community of Glenwood City chooses to celebrate Rustic Lore Days annually?  Then you've come to the right place, as we'll tell you all about it in this About section.

Rustic Lore -- Rustic meaning relate to countryside or rural and Lore meaning traditions held by a group and passed on from person to person.  This definition most certainly fits our small and rural town of Glenwood City where down-home traditions are passed down from parents to children over many generations and this includes the annual tradition of Rustic Lore Days.    

The first Glenwood City royal court was crowned in 1970 at the Glenwood City Snowmobile Derby.  This royal court consisted of Queen Lynette (Berenschot) Schaefer, First Princess Susan (Rasmussen) Mattison and Second Princess Rita (Mitch) Asher.  In 1979, Janelle (Cress) Frieburg was crowned at the Snowmobile Derby and following a short reign, crowned her successor, Ann (Draxler) Kaiser, in September of 1979. This 1979 celebration would also crown the first annual Rustic Lore Days, which would continue every weekend following the Labor Day weekend in September and still does to this day.  


In 1997, the Rustic Lore Committee developed a theme for the Rustic Lore Days weekend of which the celebration days could be based around for that year.  "Get Moovin'" was the first Rustic Lore Days theme in 1997 and have varied throughout the years.  The themes of years past include:

"Bring Your Crew For '22" (2022)

"We Stand As One, Reunited in 2021" (2021)

"On The Right Track" (2020)

"Anchors Aweigh" (2019)

"Party 'Til The Cows Come Home" (2018)

"Hilltopper Celebration" (2017)

"Life's A Beach" (2016)

"The 57 Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music" (2015)

"Glenwoodstock" (2014)

"Hillbilly Hoedown" (2013)

"There's No Place Like Home" (2012)

"Roaring 20's" (2011)

"Blooming With History" (2010)

"Viva Glenwood City" (2009)

"Treasure in the Hills" (2008)

"Chop Up Some Fun" (2007)

"Rev It Up" (2006)

"Days Gone By..." (2005)

"Out of this World" (2004)

"Get Wild" (2003)

"United We Stand, Together We Celebrate" (2002)

"Groovin' in Glenwood City" (2001)

"Fiesta" (2000)

"Humor in the Hills" (1999)

"Catch a Wave" (1998)

"Get Moovin'" (1997)

These different themes have been incorporated throughout our Rustic Lore Days celebration in t-shirt designs, beverage holders, royalty candidate talents, Queen's Pageant, parade floats and much more.  This year, our 2023 Rustic Lore Days theme is: "Rockin' and Rollin'".  

Glenwood City's Rustic Lore Days celebration continues to be the rural tradition that we hand down from generation to generation and we cannot wait to have you share in this tradition with us!

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