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One of the first things that the Rustic Lore Days Committee does at their first meeting of the year is to choose Grand Marshals.  It is an honorary title given to people who the committee feels has been, or still is, a big part of the Glenwood City community.  We have honored a variety of local residents over the years including: business owners, doctors, school teachers, school administration and local farmers.   The Grand Marshals are distinguished guests for the entire weekend of Rustic Lore Days festivities with their biggest honor is leading the Grand Parade on Sunday.  This year, we are honored to have Edward "Ed" and Darlene Waters as our 2019 Rustic Lore Days Grand Marshals.  Please read more about our honorary Grand Marshals below.



The Rustic Lore Days committee is excited to have a navy

veteran and his lovely spouse leading our home-town

festivities this year. We are pleased to announce that

Edward “Ed” and Darlene Waters are our 2019 Grand

Marshals for Glenwood City Rustic Lore Days!


Edward is the oldest of three siblings, with two brothers

Walter “Wally” and Larry.  Edward graduated from Glenwood

City High School in the Class of 1966.  Ed joined four of his

fellow classmates after high school by enlisting in the service,

of which he joined the United States Navy. He spent two years

(1966-1968) in Nevada with the marines and was later stationed

on a ship in 1968 that was sent to the Vietnam War in November

of 1969.  The vessel that he was on served as a floating outpost

stationed on the coast of Vietnam with a private medical team;

launching out the armed forces and bringing them back in for

medical treatment.  This vessel was similar to a WWII aircraft

carrier and acted as a Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH) that

housed marine quad helicopters.  While on the water, Edward

worked on the flight deck as an aviator bowsinmaid as well as

working in the Airedale Department.  


Darlene is the youngest of six children with five older brothers:

Rolland, Sherman, Richard, Gerald and Michael.  Darlene

finished her high school education in Kenosha, Wisconsin

graduating from George N. Tremper High School in the Class

of 1968. Darlene moved to Rhode Island where she was married

and had a son named Carl.  She moved back to Wisconsin and

following her return to Wisconsin, baby Carl sadly passed away.  


Upon both of their returns to Wisconsin, Edward began working for Lee’s Electric and continued working for this company for seven years.  In 1974 (when Ed and Darlene first met), Ed’s boss – Selvin Lee – said that he should go to the theatre in Glenwood City.  In doing so, he met Darlene who was working there as a movie theatre attendant at the time. And after making him pay for his ticket and popcorn, you could say that the rest is history.  The two went on their first date in the same year at Shady Rest, a local bar in Wilson, Wisconsin where they listened to the jukebox all night long.  


Edward and Darlene were married in the spring of 1975. Following their marriage, they began their family together.  First, having their son, Greg followed by their daughter, Cindy.  “I was happy,” said Darlene and that completed their little family.  Darlene had begun working at WestCap in Glenwood City in 1972 for $1.80 per hour and still remains there to this day.  Darlene has been in the same department as an Accounts Manager and will celebrate her 47th anniversary at WestCap in November 2019.  She still enjoys her job, as well as the people that she works with every day.  Edward changed occupations after marriage and began working at Andersen’s Window in 1977, where he worked as a factory worker and trucker for over 30 years.  He enjoyed the work that he did as well as going to different places around the factory plant and interacting with co-workers in different departments.  Both of their children are graduates of Glenwood City High School.  Greg is married with one daughter, Morgan, and is a manager at Andersen’s Windows in Menomonie, Wisconsin; Cindy is also married and has two children, Brady and Jenna and works for Saint Croix County as an Economic Support Specialist.  Edward and Darlene have been blessed with their three grandchildren; Morgan, Brady and Jenna. All of their family remains close to Glenwood City to this day.  


A few years ago, Ed began to show signs of kidney disease upon multiple doctor’s visits.  It was determined that his kidney function had deteriorated forcing him to be put on daily dialysis, which continued for about a year.  After a year on dialysis, his condition wasn’t improving so it was time to consider another option – a kidney transplant.  Edward needed to find a healthy donor who matched his blood and tissue type.  Darlene was worried that she would not qualify to donate, but after two other family members were unable to donate, she was determined to help.  Thankfully, she was a match for him and was able to donate. Sometimes this is still hard to believe that they were a perfect match for one another, especially after 44 years of marriage.  On March 18, 2018, the kidney transplant occurred.  Thankfully, there was a lighthearted moment before the procedure. As Ed knew that Darlene was being put into surgery 15 minutes before him; when he saw a gurney go by, he smiled and waved.  He said “Wow, there goes Dar” and proceeded to blow her a kiss.  He later discovered that it was not Darlene on the gurney, but another surgical patient.  The surgery went smoothly for both Ed and Darlene and after slight, but manageable complications post-surgery – they are both doing well!


Ed and Darlene are both honored to be considered for this year’s Grand Marshals for the Glenwood City Rustic Lore Days celebration. “I didn’t know if we would be able to do it,” noted Darlene – not only due to Ed’s health, but also in representing our wonderful community for our celebration days.  But with Ed’s navy service and Darlene’s continued commitment to the community, the committee knew that they were the best couple for the job this year!  “It is an honor and privilege to be placed with all of the elite people [past Grand Marshals] that have gone before us – it’s a real honor, it really is!” commented Edward.  In fact, Ed and Darlene Waters follow his parents, Wally and Olga Waters, who were Grand Marshals exactly 20 years ago in 1999.  This year, the Glenwood City Rustic Lore Days committee is pleased to have Edward and Darlene Waters serve as our 2019 Grand Marshals.  Please join us September 6-8, 2019 as we set sail for Rustic Lore Days 2019 – “Anchors Aweigh!”